Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Everyone Could See It Coming...

...and no-one did anything until it was too late:
Police were called after screams were heard coming from a house where children were playing on Monday afternoon. The boy was mauled to death at the scene by the dog which was then shot dead by a police marksman.

Good! No protracted stay in the kennels for Fido, eating Pedigree Chum at the taxpayer's expense. 

I guess this was one of those 'it suddenly snapped, there was no warning' case? 

The dog, believed to be an American Pitbull, had bitten a customer outside a nearby shop at the weekend. It had recently been brought into the area and a family volunteered to look after it for a few hours as a favour to the owner.


A nearby resident said: 'The dog has been a nuisance on the estate for a bit of a time. I took our son down to the local shop a few days ago, and he was down there then and he was lunging at my son.
'My son is three years old and I had to pick up my son just to move around the dog because of the size on him. He was absolutely huge.
'He wasn't a pet - he was taking the owner for a walk, you know. He was massive.'

What a pity the police are too busy with imaginary crime drummed up by activists to worry about the real dangers in their communities, or something could have been done before a young child lost their life. 

Councillor Steve Skivens (Plaid Cymru) said: 'Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the young man who has lost his life.
'We would also like to extend our thoughts to all the emergency services who attended the incident. Unfortunately an animal had to be put down.'

Wait, what did I just read? 

What sort of society are we living in where, instead of fury at the idiot who purchased a dangerous dog, the morons who offered to board that dog for him (who clearly had young children!) or the police who clearly didn't trouble themselves to check if it was a danger to the community, he expresses regret that it had to be shot?

And how much longer are we going to prosper as a society that lets this sort of thing happen?


It turns out that the house the boy visited was the owner of this mutt after all. Meaning they left their own child alone with a potential killer animal. 

And the police - who seem only concerned with the breed of the animal at the moment - claim not to have received any complaints about it. If that's true, then the people giving statements to the press about it being notorious in the area should hang their heads in shame. 

If it's true it 'takes a village to raise a child', then it seems it takes a village to endanger one's life, as well...


James Higham said...

"Good! No protracted stay in the kennels for Fido, eating Pedigree Chum at the taxpayer's expense."


Anonymous said...

Been said many times. Bring in Clarkson's Law.

JuliaM said...

"Been said many times. Bring in Clarkson's Law."

I can't wait to see the sort of owner of this beast. I bet I can describe him/her right now.