Tuesday, 2 November 2021

They've Rumbled You, Rail Companies...

The number of train journeys made by commuters in Great Britain remains at less than half of pre-pandemic levels, figures show.

...so what are you going to do now that your customers have realised how you've been treating them and aren't putting up with it any more? 

Are you going to lower your prices and improve your service to attract them back?

The rail industry is running a marketing campaign with the strapline “let’s get back on track” to encourage more people on to trains. It is aiming to create a “sustainable, more passenger-focused future” for the railways, particularly within the commuter market.

Hmmm, doesn't sound like it, does it? 

Andy Bagnall, the RDG director general, said: “Rail connects people to jobs and opportunities, helps tackle congestion, and leaves the air in towns and cities cleaner than other forms of transport, so we’re keen to welcome more people back onboard.

Nope, don't think that's going to cut it. There's just not enough eco-nutters to care... 

“Train companies are working hard to meet the changing needs of our passengers, including new flexi season tickets to give commuters more choice, while continuing to prioritise ventilation and extra cleaning, because as Britain recovers, every passenger delivers more than a journey.”

They've decided not to deliver more of their hard-earned money into your pockets, Andy. But I'm sure you've got a Plan B. What is it?  


DAD said...

Plan B? Ask the government (i.e. the taxpayers) for more subsidies.

okjoe58 said...

Most inter-city trains in the UK are built by Hitachi, they're fast but very uncomfortable and not very nice to ride on. Their lighting is nasty and the seats are worse. Rail Fail

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get back to using the train to get into work, as it's 3 stops and 15 minutes down the track with a 5 minute walk at each end and no interaction with the ... unpredictable... locals on the roads.

But single tickets are far more expensive than using the car, and the season tickets that make it worthwhile aren't much use in either a lockdown or working from home situation. So I'm using the car until the Damoclean Sword has gone away.

Dr Evil said...

The 'changing needs of our passengers' are to reduce you stupidly excessive fares to 10% of current prices. You will pack them in.

Mudplugger said...

And all the while they're still spaffing more than £100bn on HS2, so that all those folk NOT taking the regular trains can then NOT take the HS2 train, from where they are to somewhere they don't want to be, only a few minutes quicker. Alice in Wonderland stuff.

ivan said...

Beeching killed british rail by the simple expedient of closing down the branch lines. Now, rather than a short walk to the local station you need to get out the car and if you are in the car why not go the total distance by car it is easier.

Now there is no turning back.

JuliaM said...

"Ask the government (i.e. the taxpayers) for more subsidies."

Without a shadow of a doubt!

"...they're fast but very uncomfortable..."

The newer trains on the Southend Line (c2c) were OK. But it's a short journey. I was mostly delighted with the provision of phone charging capability!

"And all the while they're still spaffing more than £100bn on HS2..."

I know... 🙄

"Now, rather than a short walk to the local station you need to get out the car and if you are in the car why not go the total distance by car it is easier."

For how much longer? Parking is getting squeezed and the advent of the need for electric charging stations may make even that impractical...