Monday, 29 November 2021

We Can't Name The Little Animals...

Ava was a Year 8 pupil at Notre Dame Catholic College in Liverpool.
Its headteacher Peter Duffy said: 'She was an incredibly popular girl, with a fantastic group of friends.
'Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Ava's family and friends and all those affected by this utterly tragic event.'
Colin Parry, whose 12-year-old son Tim was killed in 1993 when the IRA bombed Warrington, has revealed he had awarded Ava the title of Peace Ambassador after she attended a charity course in 2019.
'What a tragic loss for her family,' he wrote on Twitter. 'Our Peace Foundation will be at her school again on Monday.'
...but does amyone think their history, background and potential, should it ever be revealed, will match that of little Ava's?


Ted Treen said...

I'm not bothered about naming them as long as they're put down.

JuliaM said...

If only. Liverpool has gone in for a mawkish tribute of lights; genuine concerned citizens would run the families responsible out of town...

In other news, it looks like the sentence in little Arthur's case is going to be sent back as too lenient. What's the betting the justice system shortens it further, just to show who's boss?