Friday, 5 November 2021

They Aren't Saveable, Judge...

The judge added, ''I've done what I can to help you save your family''.

Why would anyone want to try? 

A single mum has denied being with her children when they broke into a neighbour's home and ransacked it - leaving excrement and smashed eggs on the kitchen floor.
The children stole whatever they could find from the house, before drawing on the walls and leaving cigarette butts in the bathroom sink.There was also apple juice over the bed; and coal over the carpet.
Teesside Crown Court heard that the victim had taken advantage of the lifting of lockdown restrictions to go and visit her mother.

Typical underclass brood of future babymothers and knife crime victims or perps... 

The victim returned home to find her watch, make up, perfume, books and toys missing. Even a packet of noodles was stolen from the kitchen during the raid on Teesside in last year. One of the children was seen heavily made-up and wearing the victim's jumper and scarf a few days after the burglary. The police searched the mother's home and recovered some of the victim's belongings.

And I expect the feral children were all under the age of criminal responsibility? So they had to go for the litter-mother instead. 

Defending, Samuel Ponniah told the court that the single mum had been, ''overwhelmed looking after her children during lockdown'' when she was also pregnant.

Great, another addition to the brood coming up... 

The mum stood at the back of the court in a tracksuit, crying and and talking to the dock officer next to her.
Judge Jonathan Carroll told her to pay attention to proceedings, '' Your life is almost a basket case. You've got children, but you are the adult.
"I don't have a magic wand to fix your situation at all. You have to be in control of your children - they need their mother.
"If I send you to prison, your children would go into care. That is a catastrophic and overwhelming consequence for the children.
"You've got a long road ahead of you. You need significant intervention''.

Costly intervention... 


Anonymous said...

They stole books?! I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

A single mother with four children? Once is a mistake but four is taking the poor old tax payer for granted. You do have to wonder just why the absentee father's were not helping with these little monsters.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she was a 4 x 4?

JuliaM said...

"They stole books?! I'm shocked!"

Saves on the Charmin, I suppose...

"You do have to wonder just why the absentee father's were not helping with these little monsters."

Would you, if you could offload them onto the State instead?

"I wonder if she was a 4 x 4?"

I wondered where vehicles came into it, but then the urban dictionary clued me in!