Tuesday, 2 November 2021

And What Sentence Will The Grandfather Get?

Talbot-Lummis drove to the scene before shooting the victim with his grandfather's Beretta.
Diana Ellis QC, mitigating, added that Talbot-Lummis had 'expressed his regret and remorse' about the shooting.
The judge - for once - didn't buy it.
Judge Martyn Levett said: 'The intention to kill wasn’t formed on the spur of the moment. This was all pre-planned and pre-meditated.
'You had this obsessive interest in all kinds of firearms and had become entrenched in watching computer games online.'
'I don’t accept there was bullying of the scale or the degree suggested.
'The court heard Talbot-Lummis also had a 'haul' of lawfully held BB guns in his bedroom.
Judge Levett said: 'If you wanted to scare (the victim) you could have used one of your own authentic looking guns.'

Instead he was able to access his grandfather's shotgun. How? When it should have been securely locked away? 

Passing sentence, Judge Levett said he had the 'protection of the public in mind' as he imposed an extended sentence of 24 years in prison and five years on licence.
He added: 'That sentence will affect you until you’re 45 years old.'

I expect to see that reduced on appeal, as they often are. And it would be nice to think the grandfather has lost his shotgun licence. An aspiring journalist might seek to see if that happened... 

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