Wednesday, 17 November 2021

What An Exercise In Futility...

Surrounded by brightly painted pebbles, posters and paintings calling for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s release, Richard Ratcliffe brought his 21-day hunger strike to an end on Saturday, clinging on to hope his actions have made a difference to his wife’s fate.

He's no Bobby Sands, is he? 

Minutes before he ended the strike early on Saturday afternoon, he said: “My job is to bring Nazanin home, but it’s also to keep a home here, with our daughter Gabriella, for her to come back to. And that is not served by gung-ho stubborn gestures which take things to the bitter end.”

Then what was the point? Your wife is an Iranian national, what on earth does this country owe her?


Mudplugger said...

Spot on... She chose not to commit to Britain when she retained her Iranian citizenship, so can't expect Britain to commit to her as a result - tough shit, that's the choice all the dual-nationals make when they want the best of both worlds (not that there's much that's 'best' in Iran).

Anonymous said...

Her imprisonment in Iran is a direct result of her choice to go back there in the first place. Stupid woman.

Greencoat said...

So tired of these eejits.

Anonymous said...

Which passport did she use to enter Iran ? Iranian or British?

okjoe58 said...

She'll divorce him after HMG coughs up the £500 million to get her 'home'.

Mark said...

Whether or not she commits to Britain (however that is interpreted), she retains her Iranian passport/citizenship. Iran does not recognise dual nationality, as far as they are concerned she is an Iranian who has committed a crime in Iran. The British embassy/consulate can therefore go fuck themselves.

As an Iranian born and bred, she simply cannot have been unaware of this.

Her British passport would have allowed her to play her stupid games in any other country on earth EXCEPT Iran. My sympathy is zero for that reason

JuliaM said...

"She chose not to commit to Britain when she retained her Iranian citizenship..."


"So tired of these eejits."

Me too.

"My sympathy is zero for that reason"

If it's possible to be less than zero, that's mine!