Monday, 8 November 2021

For Fox Sake...

...never give the bloated, politically-correct, incompetent RSPCA any money. Ever!

If their begging letters come through the post, put them straight in the bin. 

If their adverts come on the TV, now's the time to compose tomorrow's shopping list. 

If one of their paid shills approaches you in the street, do what I did once in Southend high street, and tell them in depth and exactly why you won't be giving them any money.

And if granny's thinking about leaving them some money in her will, suggest she donates to ISIS instead. If you're going to hand money over to bloodthirsty nihilistic killers, might as well go with people who don't pretend to be anything else...

H/T: Community Action to Reform RSPCA via Twitter


Ed P said...

Fixed it:

Society for
Persecution &
Cruelty to

JuliaM said...

"Fixed it:"

Sadly spot on...