Friday, 19 November 2021

They Should Be Less Concerned With Accusations Of 'Institutionalised Homophobia'...

Detective Constable Yinka Adeyemo-Phillips had previously given evidence to say Mr Whitworth confirmed the handwriting was Daniel’s.
Andrew O’Connor QC, counsel for the coroner, asked if he remembered saying that. Mr Whitworth replied: “I definitely did not say it was.
“Me and (my partner) Mandy looked at it. Cannot confirm it was Daniel’s handwriting.
“We sent it straight off to Ricky in Gravesend to look at it and he could not confirm it was Daniel’s either.
“Anyway, she said, ‘Is this Daniel’s handwriting?’, and I said ‘I cannot confirm it is Daniel’s handwriting, I don’t know’.”

...and far more with incompetence and lying. 


James Higham said...

'Constable Yinka Adeyemo-Phillips'

Goodness gracious.

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