Saturday 6 November 2021

New York Dog Parks Are Clearly Dangerous Places...

A New Yorker police say is the man filmed attacking an 11 year-old girl in a dog park used to work for a non-profit that helps traumatized children.

So, was he drumming up custom? Why else attack a child unprovoked? 

It was unprovoked, wasn't it?

In the video, a dog owner believed to be DiRenzo and two other dog walkers were seen yelling at the children and their school chaperone at Stuyvesant Square between the intersection of East 16th Street and Perlman Place.
The school children had been throwing dirt and poppers on the ground at the park before the three dog walkers began to intervene.


The cellphone video had captured the beginning of the incident where the three dog walkers were screaming at the children who continued to throw dirt at them.
It was not long before the male dog walker, sporting a beard and sunglasses, then approached a gate. 'All your kids are throwing f**king dirt and f**king poppers!' DiRenzo allegedly yelled at the chaperone.
'We’ve already had to call 911 on them. Grip her the f**k up before I put my hands on her.'

I guess their behaviour explains why they need a 'chaperone' at the park. Does he act?  

The chaperone then attempted to get the children out of the dispute and back to the school building before the situation escalated further.
'What school do they go to? They’re psychos,' the other male dog walker had asked.
DiRenzo then allegedly added that the chaperone was an 'embarrassment' for his lack of control over the rowdy students. The 11-year-old girl then marched towards the suspect before he viciously began attacking her in front of her classmates.
'You fat little bi**h you’re not going to amount to anything in life,' DiRenzo had yelled at her before the attack.
He then began punching her in the face, spraying her with water and even grabbing her by the hair in anger. The girl's 15-year-old male friend was also hit when he attempted to stop the fight.

Despite the fact that the 'children' instigated the whole thing, bystanders are shocked, shocked and appalled. 

Other onlookers and dog walkers were in complete shock as they witnessed the horrifying incident.
'I hope they find this man,' a witness named Rachel said on Friday, before DiRenzo was apprehended.
'This man grabbed her by the neck, her chest, and punched her in the head. Eleven-year-old black young girl. This is not normal. He's dangerous.'

I'm reminded of another famous incident in a New York park that wasn't quite as cut and dried as it seemed initially... 

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