Tuesday 3 April 2018

Ah, Yes, Was Ever A Union So Well Named?

A zero-tolerance approach to discipline in schools amounts to “child abuse”, teachers have claimed.
Wait, wait, let me guess - 'minorities worst hit'?
Extremely strict behaviour policies unfairly punish working class children who may not be as focused in class or as well-behaved because of difficult circumstances at home, teachers have suggested.
Ahhhh yes, The age old 'Officer Krupke' theory. They are depraved on account of they're deprived!
The remarks came as the NUT section of the National Education Union (NEU) raised their concerns about the state of children’s mental health at their annual conference in Brighton.
You know, it really was nice of them to choose an acronym that's so descriptive...
There was unanimous support from conference delegates to opposing "the move towards ever more punitive behaviour policies in schools" which it said was "feeding a mental health crisis for our children".
What about the mental health crisis that's being fed by loony bleeding heart experiments? It's doin' my NUT in...


MC said...

"the move towards ever more punitive behaviour policies in schools"

I must have missed this move...

Incidentally this seems to be the first story I have read which suggests teaching was even discussed at the conference; it seems to have been mainly been taken up with the usual deranged leftist frothing about Israel and trannies.

JuliaM said...

I must have missed it too. Unless they are referring to those terrible uniform rule infringements?