Friday 6 April 2018

'Deadly Russian Nerve Agent' Claims First Lives In UK!

...albeit totally inadvertently, and due to the incompetent bungling of UK State agencies:
A cat belonging to poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal was put down by the government in the wake of the nerve agent attack.
The black Persian cat Nash Van Drake was found in a 'distressed state' at his home in Salisbury, the Mail can reveal.
A veterinary surgeon made a decision to euthanise the animal to 'alleviate its suffering', it was said.
Mr Skripal's two guinea pigs were also found dead in his home when a vet gained access to the property.
OMG! The State was right after all! Theresa & Boris are vindicated!

Oh. Hang on.
Sources said it was believed the guinea pigs had died due to lack of water...
A government spokesperson said: 'The property in Wiltshire was sealed as part of the police investigation.
'When a vet was able to access the property...
Ah. Now it's all clear. 
The decision to put down the cat was made by a veterinary surgeon in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, sources stressed last night.
They said the animals were disposed of appropriately.
So that no-one can examine their starved and dehydrated corpses..? What a lovely coda to this sorry tale of precipitate action and disinformation...

Please, someone, tell me why it's Russia that should concern me, and not the indifferent cruelty and shifty incompetence of the State agencies my own taxes go to fund?


Uncle Badger said...

Well said, Julia. An utterly disgusting episode in an utterly disturbing story.

TJ said...

Can we call up the RSPCA and report this example of animal cruelty?

jack ketch said...

OMG!!! THOSE POOR DEFENCELESS ANIMALS! Putin is a murderer! #BoycottRussianPetKillers

Anonymous said...

Surely WC Jaded can provide us with expert advice re safeguarding our pets from nocturnal nerve agent attacks, personally organised by Putin the Terrible. Can we trust the mains water or should it be filtered prior to filling the goldfish bowl, Jaded? How do we stop the Russians beaming toxic agents into our homes, direct from the Kremlin? Should our pets be provided with clean suits and respirators? I'm getting worried...

Anonymous said...

He will get back to you when his nail polish is dry and his CFM heels have been repaired. Your call is important to him.

Andy said...

There will be egg on faces before this blows over.

There was I thinking that the Russians are rather incompetent at killing people, when it was the pussy they were after.

JuliaM said...

"An utterly disgusting episode in an utterly disturbing story."

And that story's not over yet. I fear there's probably worse to come.

"Can we call up the RSPCA and report this example of animal cruelty?"

Sure, we remember how effective they were in the F&M epidemic, don't we?

"There will be egg on faces before this blows over."

There's ALREADY enough to supply all those foodbanks with omelettes for a year!