Friday, 20 April 2018

Rocket Science Is Easy By Comparison...

Police officers are taking fresh measures to stop missile attacks on buses in the North-East.
By going out and arresting the little shits? Why, no. This is a job for the....errr....
Police community support officers (PCSOs) have been using the buses in and around Firthmoor to try and identify those responsible for throwing missiles at vehicles.
Now, in a further attempt to stop the attacks, officers have visited a number of primary schools in Darlington to educate pupils about the dangers of attacking the buses.
What dangers?

There are none, for them, if they are in primary school. They will be 'below the age of criminal responsibility', and nothing will be done if they are caught!
The warning comes after Arriva North East decided to temporarily halt services into Firthmoor after youths allegedly targeted their buses.
A few days later, they faced similar problems on the outskirts of the estate when another bus was attacked with services being re-routed.
The Northern Echo understands there have been a number of other attacks on buses in the town in recent weeks, which police are investigating.
Real police, this time?
Last week, Kevin Nicholson, independent councillor for Eastbourne, said one of the elderly residents in his ward was now too scared to go out of her house because of anti-social behaviour in the area.
“It is a good first step to have PCSOs on the buses, but the priority for the police should be finding the people responsible,” said Cllr Nicholson.
“These youngsters could be from anywhere, and they are coming to this estate to cause problems.
“It is a beautiful area – I live here because I want to live here and these kids are giving the place a bad name.
“We need more of a police presence and we need police to respond to concerns – it is not rocket science,” he added.
No indeed. But no-one tries to do rocket science by first demanding there should be no consequences for malfunctioning rockets, do they?


selsey.steve said...

Just stop ALL buses from using the area where the "little darlins"are throwing rocks at them. Stop all public transport servicing the area. Let the real culprits, the parents, suffer. Maybe then they might try and bring their feral young under some semblance of control.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately since the state will already have provided free cars to their parents in compensation for some perceived disability, they will be entirely unaffected.

JuliaM said...

"Just stop ALL buses from using the area ..."

That's what they usually do, but that seems a tad unfair on the people who depend on the service and are innocent, being childless. The parents usually don't go anywhere but the dole office and the local foodbank.

And they probably drive there.

"Unfortunately since the state will already have provided free cars to their parents in compensation for some perceived disability..."

Spot on!