Saturday 7 March 2020

The Moron Of Minshull Street

A mother who was spared jail over a high-speed car chase because she has a young daughter has now been let off community service for the crime after she claimed she has a 'mood disorder' caused by debt.
*rolls eyes*
Sentencing Judge Lever told Swain she had a 'lucky escape' from sentencing despite her 'playing fast and loose'.
He said: 'My recollection was that I gave this young lady a good talking to and made it quite clear she had to do this order and that her 10-year-old child wouldn't save her from jail if she didn't do it.
'I took an exceptional case not jailing her but she needs help. I am not amused by her driving but if she's a sensitive human she might need all the help she can get from the probation service.
'And I can't have a situation like this where she plays fast and loose. Although I am running out of road, the last thing I want to do if she is distressed is to take the ultimate sentence.'
The bewigged old duffer has form:
A Romanian girl who went on a nationwide shoplifting spree has been allowed to go home to save the British taxpayer £8,000 in jail costs.
Madalina Horvath, 19, travelled to the UK in 2015 and stole more than £15,000 worth of goods – including 16 Apple products in one go – across various cities from Cambridge to Manchester.
A judge this week called her a ‘complete disgrace’ and told her to go home immediately to ‘tell her friends’ what happens to foreigners who break the law in the UK.
She did. She told them it was nothing. It's why there's so many of them here now.

And he's the idiot in this case too:
Graham Benbow, 55, appeared before senior judge Bernard Lever after losing his temper and attempting to drive through an open barrier at the airport to avoid paying £3 for dropping off a passenger.
An airport official tried to stop him by standing against the barrier, but ended up on the bonnet of Benbow's Mazda 3 hatchback and was carried along the road for several hundred yards. Benbow then crossed a roundabout before police stopped him on the M56.
Sentencing Benbow, of Stockton Heath near Warrington, at Minshull Street Crown Court, was handed a six month sentence suspended for two years by the judge, who said he was '100 per cent against' the new charges introduced at the airport last July.
This is why we have the crime rate we do in this country.


Stonyground said...

You have to admit though that airports charging £3 for dropping off passengers is basically just robbery.

Anonymous said...

Quite right and proper in my book. Just make sure we flog those with no TV licence and fine the living daylights out of those motorists. Nothing like a law abiding citizen when it comes to paying fines, after all real criminals never bother and judges need paying don't you know.

JuliaM said...

"You have to admit though that airports charging £3 for dropping off passengers is basically just robbery."

It is. But until enough people stop using it, it'll continue.