Wednesday 4 March 2020

Back To (Avoid) The Future

Southend Council’s deputy leader, Ron Woodley, wants the current road layout, which cost £7million, to be scrapped after ten years.
Residents have long complained about the confusing road layout. Campaigners have also criticised the shared space area near the station.
This is where pedestrians can walk, cars can be driven and bikes can be ridden with no noticeable difference between where roads end and pavements begin.
Yes, you guessed it, it's this again.
Residents have joined calls by Mrs Allen-King for a roundabout to be brought back.
Posting on the Echo Facebook page, Karen Butler said: “Put it back how it was.
“It was another waste of council money.”
Marie Edmonds posted: “Good, it’s a death trap.
Put the roundabout back.”
Ah, well, it's only taxpayer money. And not even entirely residents of Southend, at that!
The scheme was funded by a £25million government grant which also financed the Cuckoo Corner and City Beach improvements.
Plenty more where that came from, eh?


Just Trevor said...

I was speechless the first time I encountered this farce. It's bewildering how this survived being a fleeting thought to be drawn up as a plan, argued for, approved and finally realised. Why is anyone involved still in a job?

JuliaM said...

Because they are, being council shirkers, unsackable?