Wednesday 11 March 2020

Just Show The Bodycam Footage To The Daft Old Cow...

Annabelle Forbes was arrested on November 25 last year in Preston Road, Southend, following a disturbance.
The 22-year-old was not the cause of the disturbance, but when police were dealing with her at the scene, she began to cause them issues.
When she tried to grab one officer’s earpiece, she was brought to the ground and handcuffed.
Body cam footage from officers shows on one occasion, after Forbes cocked her leg in an apparent kick out when she was against the police car in handcuffs, the officers pushed her to the floor.
This caused her to hit her face on the ground and break several teeth.
One of those was lodged in her gum, later causing an infection.
Ooh, wait, wait, I have it somewhere....

Yup! Knew it was due another airing...
Whilst in custody, Forbes spat at one officer, and later pushed another with her foot.
Clearly, the loss of teeth didn't hamper her much.
Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: Oh...) demanded an explanation...
...for why this piece of human detritus was taking up valuable resources? No. Of course not.
...for why Forbes was pushed to the floor, as she was in handcuffs and had no way of protecting her head.
She also queried why she did not receive immediate medical attention.
I expect they were too busy dodging the spittle and the kicks to get paramedics involved...
A police spokesman said: “An investigation is currently being carried out by our Professional Standards Department in relation to this case and therefore we are unable to comment while enquiries are ongoing.
“We do however take on board the judge’s comments.”
"...and hope the daft old mare gets assaulted by some street scumbag, when we won't bother to bluelight to that report in a hurry."


MTG 1 said...

"...and hope the daft old mare gets assaulted by some street scumbag, when we won't bother to bluelight to that report in a hurry." How tender, JuliaM, how sweet.

Judge Leigh is obviously experienced in psycho plod methods. She was quite correct to challenge their claim that it was necessary to throw a handcuffed woman to hard ground. Such gratuitous violence is impossible to justify and I am tempted to dismiss all other aspects of the police version. IMHO any decent Judge would have made the decision to dismiss the charges.

But not so obvious to a blogger that it would have been impossible for Ms Forbes to protect her head and teeth from the foreseeable impact with solid concrete, then?

Ted Treen said...

This member of the judiciary shows that in the UK, terminal stupidity is not an obstacle to employment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being " tempted to dismiss all other aspects of the police version " Melvin.
Now you have issued your proclamation we can all get on with our lives.

Anonymous said...

Your services on behalf of the terminally stupid are noted, teddy boy.

MTG 1 said...

Pompous arse, WC Jaded? I would be mortally wounded by the barb were it not for the fact that from my own position it just remains impossible to appraise you without peering down. And I mean way, way down.

If it is any consolation, I never doubted your capacity for meting out physical punishments to handcuffed prisoners, dear. And there must be times when the limitations of your present back-room job cause you to reminisce about fun-packed arrests, baiting in the back of police vans and kickings in the cells.

Damn those new cameras.

Anonymous said...

Back room job Melvin? No you are completely wrong old chap.
Once again I challenge you to inform us lesser mortals to tell us what useful contribution to society you make . I'm not holding my breath. Ps,professional sneerer doesn't count.

Ted Treen said...

@Anonymouse 11/3/20 16:57

Glad to see you appreciate my efforts on your behalf.

JuliaM said...

"How tender, JuliaM, how sweet."

There should be consequences for compassion that's so misjudged. And they shouldn't fall on the innocent.