Thursday 19 March 2020

Don't Do Drugs, Kids....

Alexander Aldridge has been given a fine after admitting common assault of an emergency worker and having four bags of cannabis.
The 22-year-old appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to admit both charges.
The incident took place on Sutton Road in Southend on February 22 at the scene of a crash.
Aldridge, of Cheltenham Road, Southend, had approached the officers at the scene asking where his girlfriend was, as it was her vehicle involved in the crash.
He became aggressive when the officers couldn’t help him, shouting at them, and eventually pushing one of them.
Ah, the 'thought processes' of the underclass at work...
The officer told him not to do it again, but he did, resulting in the officer pushing him to the floor.
Pity he didn't do a bit more for dentistry in Southend this time...
As he was taken into custody, Aldridge produced four bags of cannabis which was then confiscated by the officers.
Times it doesn't pay to get into an unnecessary ruck with cops? When you're holding drugs.
Speaking at court, Aldridge told the magistrates’ bench: “I acted irrationally and I shouldn’t have done it.
“I turned up to the vehicle and the airbags were out and it was all smashed up.
“The vehicle belonged to my partner and I was just panicking.”
So it made perfect sense to assault cops at the scene, rather than phone your partner. If you're a habitual cannabis smoker, that is...
Aldridge added that to this day he does not know if his partner at the time had been involved in the crash.


Libertarian said...

He was fined £40! Plus fees, a total of £217. That'll learn him!

Anonymous said...

You mean the scumbag wasn't driving? SOmehow I don't really believe it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like his partner was getting away from him as fast as possible at the time.
Have to applaud the sentiment if not the driving skills.

JuliaM said...

"That'll learn him!"


"You mean the scumbag wasn't driving?"

It seems not. Who can tell?

"Sounds like his partner was getting away from him as fast as possible at the time."

You'd hope so, but maybe they are already back together.