Wednesday 11 March 2020


Plans to convert a pub, believed to be hundreds of years old, into an Islamic culture centre have been delayed due to concerns about noise and parking.
Yup, it's this one again.
A Basildon Council spokesman said: “No decision has been made on this application to date.
“Officers have requested further information from the applicant relating to noise and parking issues and are waiting for a response.
“An extension of time to determine this application has been agreed by the applicant’s agent until March 18.”
Why give them an extension? Is it so mad old duffers like this one can spout forth?
Borough historian Vin Harrop added: “I echo the concerns about parking, but it’s an issue everywhere. I am pleased with the community centre plans and think it should be given the go ahead.
I am sure the people using the centre would be obliging and think the council should get on with it.”
Yes, we've seen how 'obliging' they are, haven't we?


Fahrenheit211 said...

Aha this is the same application that the Tell Mama organisation is whining about, not so much the application itself but for a local paper's description of the centre as an 'Islamist centre'. Apparently TM are none too happy with the fact that the reporter made a keyboard slip and called it an 'Islamist' rather than an 'Islamic' centre and have been whining about how how Islam and Islamism should not be linked. Personally I tend to believe that a lot of these 'Islamic' centres are pushing Islamism of one form or another, they may not be pushing violent Islamism but they are certainly pushing an Islamic supremacist form of Islamism. It's quite possibly that by describing this centre as an 'Islamist' centre, the reporter might have been closer to the mark than he may have intended to be.

MTG 1 said...

And just how does Basildon's skyline appear these days?

Here in Huddersfield, our council Leader, Shabir Pandor together with Planning Cllrs Mohammad Sarwar, Harpreet Uppal, Mohan Sokhal and Sheikh Ullah, are doing everything to ensure all new 'permissions' conform to specific religious protocols and that new developments do not prejudice a precious horizon of mihrabs, minarets, domes and arches.

Having no desire to court criminal proceedings, deportation or Jobsworth bullying...I have to confess that they are doing an excellent job here.

Ted Treen said...


Bucko said...

Every mosque objection is always about noise and parking. If your complaint has anything to do with Islam or Muslims, you're racist, so may as well just go with noise and parking

It's good enough...

bloke in Germany said...

You can try poor transport infrastructure as well. Not a mosque but a place of worship of sorts, they got the proposed stadium for Southampton FC at Stoneham barred on the ground of poor transport infrastructure.

The site was adjacent to two motorways, an intercity train station and an international airport.

JuliaM said...

"Aha this is the same application that the Tell Mama organisation is whining about..."

When aren't they whining about something?

"You can try poor transport infrastructure as well."

Good tip!