Thursday, 10 October 2019


Plans have been revealed to convert a historic pub, believed to be up to 400 years old, into a religious culture centre.
Yeah, we all know just which religion, don't we?
South Essex Islamic Trust has purchased the former Barge Inn, High Road, Vange and is now fundraising for £250,000 to cover the full cost of the site.
The charity refused to comment on the plans but posted about it on its website.
Because it seems their ambitions outstrip their resources, so they are forced to beg for the balance.
“The purchase was £450,000 plus VAT of £90,000 and stamp duty of £12,000 which equals £552,000.
“South Essex Islamic Trust has already collected funds of up to £300,000
“A deposit of £45,000 has been paid by the trust to secure the purchase, which we could lose if the remaining amount is not paid.
“We need your support to raise £250,000 by October 4.”
But it's done quite a done deal, even if they do raise the balance.
Aidan McGurran, Labour councillor for Vange said: “Whoever has bought or ends up buying the Barge site will have to submit plans for consideration – it is not necessarily a case of delivering whatever the landowner wants.
“It seems there is some doubt still over whether the successful bidder will be able to raise the required funds in time – it is a very tight timescale – so we will have to see what happens.”
Another one to watch.


Anonymous said...

Whatever God Wills ...

Cue outrage when it becomes clear that a Porkie Scratching was left behind the bar.

Anonymous said...

The Barge, the Commodore, the Double Six, the Bull; all the pubs we used to drink at after school now gone. Mind you, they’ve even closed the school!

Fahrenheit211 said...

I think that the Muslims will get their way and impose this mosque on the locals even if there is objections. I've yet to see a Labour councillor anywhere who hasn't got is tongue fixed firmly up the backside of various Muslim groups. This councillor's claim that 'no decision has been made' might just be empty words.

There was a similar situation up in Lincolnshire where a planned mosque attracted lots of objections from locals but the council, mostly Tory this time, gave permission for the mosque anyway. The unfortunate result of this arrogance on the part of the council was that angry hotheads among local people decided that as the council wasn't listening to them then burned the building down.

Old Peculier said...

They turned my old school into a mosque.
We moved to another town, two years later they built a bloody huge mosque at the bottom of our street.

I'm seriously considering changing my name to Allah since they seem determined to follow me everywhere and build these "places of worship".

If I change my name to "Allah Whicker" can I get a job on the telly jetting around the world interviewing rich buggers? ;)

Fahrenheit211 said...

To Old Peculier - Similar story here. I grew up in an area that has now been thoroughly Islamised to such an extent that I cannot wear a Jewish Kippah on my head on the street I was born on. If I did I would get a serious kicking. Neither my wife nor myself wanted our child to grow up in such a dangerous area so we moved. Unfortunately we are now finding that the Bearded savages of Islam are still with us and still playing the victim game in order to impose their disgusting hate filled ideology on the rest of us via various (so far knocked back) mosque plans. It's only a matter of time before they get their way as has been the case elsewhere and where we now live will be as unsafe as the area we fled from.

JuliaM said...

"Cue outrage when it becomes clear that a Porkie Scratching was left behind the bar."


"I think that the Muslims will get their way and impose this mosque on the locals even if there is objections."

I have no doubt you're right, again. *sighs*