Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Why Should He? He Won't Pay It...

Three-year-old Leon Bulner and dad Karsten visited a Londis store with two-year-old dog Fern but said they were told the animal was not allowed in after two ‘disgusting’ exchanges.
When Mr Bulner tried to explain that his son has moderate to severe autism, he said the cashier at the store in Hampshire village Weyhill, near Andover, told him ‘no dogs, end of’.
After going back the following day to explain the situation to the manager, he added that he was ‘basically thrown out’ and told that only dogs for blind or deaf people were allowed.
He retorted that the shop wasn’t following the law, but Mr Bulner said the staff member replied that it was ‘Londis law’ and that he ‘didn’t care’ about a potential fine.
The company will be fined, not him personally. So of course he doesn't care.
The store’s parent company has since apologised and said they will update their policies.
They need to sack the culprit and retrain all their staff.


Sobers said...

I note the third comment under the article - people are not stupid and they know the score.

Anonymous said...

With the greatest of respect, the one in the wrong was the man with the dog. Can't a shopkeeper keep vermin out of a food store, FFS?

And if the mutt bites someone, you'll bleat about that, Julia, I can assure you.

Not, the dog should be left at home where it can howl to its heart's content and annoy the neighbours, and be there to bite the postman's fingertips.

Anonymous said...

Shops are private property and you are invited in. That invite can be withdrawn for any reason.But once again if you moan loud enough people back down but I wonder what would happen if a Muslim shopper objected to dogs in the shop? Let's see the shop management twist and turn when that happens.

Greencoat said...

‘Autism’….’Assistance Dogs…’


JuliaM said...

"...people are not stupid and they know the score."

I can't see any comments. They must have closed them.

"Can't a shopkeeper keep vermin out of a food store, FFS?"

No. Because it's the law. What's so hard to understand?