Friday, 25 October 2019

Rights For Dogs On Canvey..?

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has weighed in on the debate ahead of a council meeting next week – where councillors are recommended to approve an order to keep dogs on leads on beaches between April 1 and September 30.
It's a growing concern.
Last time only 11 per cent out of 731 people who responded backed a ban.
This time more were in favour of a ban or use of leads than not – although responses were down to 285.
The ones who didn't respond were probably fed up with the council's lack of action...
The charity’s letter read: “...the Dogs Trust would urge the council to consider the Animal Welfare Act 2006, that include the dog’s need to exhibit normal behaviour patters (sic) – this includes the need for sufficient exercise, including the need to run off lead.
With phone calls often being made to the RSPCA and police alterting (sic) to dogs being left in hot cars in coastal areas, we would urge you to consider the danger animals may be put in, and the difficult desicions (sic, again) owners have to make, by not being allowed to take their dogs onto the beach. Dogs Trust would encourage looking into a compromise between beach goers and dog owners, e.g allowing dogs onto the beach in the evenings or early mornings.”
What sort of country puts the 'rights' of animals above the rights of its taxpayers?


Anonymous said...

".......that includes the dog's need to exhibit normal behaviour."
I assume that includes the dog's need to stop and have a crap wherever it happens to be (as long as it's not in the owner's house)?
Living by the sea, I am constantly amazed and angered by the amount of dog crap on the nearby beach, often found by some kid who has stepped in it in their bare feet. That the fault lies with the dog owning morons who fail or refuse to pick the mess left by their dog is not in doubt, but what of the dogs who don't live near the coast? Are their lives blighted by not having the opportunity of sh*tting in sand hills?
I must admit that, having the son of a friend of mine suffering from a nasty disease caused by stepping into dog crap while on the beach and in his bare feet, I am slightly biased.
Either keep them on a lead or ban them altogether. There is plenty of countryside the dogs can run round in, especially if it means they can step into some other animal's mess and take it home.

Anonymous said...

On the common near where I live, the dogs seem to be able to shit in little white plastic bags hanging from the branches of bushes and trees. I never worked out how they do it. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Any ideas?

Picked up the wrong end of the stick there, my friend. When certain plants were credited with breaking down and absorbing scoops of abandoned dog faeces, Brighton and Hove became the first council to plant stercus canis bushes, in parks and on common land. Two decades later, the fruit of these plants (which mysteriously appears after dusk) hangs inside a protective bubble of organic polymer. On those rare, clear nights at locations close to Shoreham Power Station, the fruit exhibits a warm glow, as Jaded may confirm.

JuliaM said...

"Living by the sea, I am constantly amazed and angered by the amount of dog crap on the nearby beach..."

I assume the 'thinking' is that the tide will take it.

I suppose at least there's a possibility it will. I've not yet seen the wind dispose of the bags of crap they hang in trees!

" I never worked out how they do it."