Wednesday, 30 October 2019

I Just Rolled My Eyes So Hard They Nearly Fell Out Of My Head...

In a moving statement, she said: "My family have told me they believe Hudson will kill me one day.
"I've told them should that happen I'm not in any pain and I'm at peace.
"I've made my decision to stay with Hudson and I pray that he will change."
Who are you praying to, I wonder?
Hudson, of Fairy Cove Terrace, Hartlepool , initially denied the assault to police saying the allegations were lies. He said he would never hit her, "loved her to bits" and she was the "love of his life".
He later admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, with a 2014 assault on a partner among his 32 offences.
They deserve one another.
Matthew Collins, defending, said ... Hudson's behaviour could be "corrected before it descends into an irretrievable character trait".
Newsflash, Matthew. It already has. Long, long ago.
The judge, Recorder Patrick Palmer, told Hudson: "Surprisingly... she wishes to maintain her relationship with you.
"I've considered whether or not I can suspend your sentence. I cannot. You deliberately stamped on this woman when she was on the ground."
Hudson burst into tears on a prison video link as he was jailed for 18 months.
Like all violent bullies, the only genuine emotion they ever feel is self-pity.


Feral said...

When you are in an abusive relationship you do pray every day that the abuser will change. There are a number of reasons why the victim stays with the abuser. The most common reason is there is a deep sense of failure. No one wants to be known as a failure. Also there may be children involved and you pray constantly that they will not have to come from a broken home. There is also the financial aspect. It's not much fun living off benefits. There is the manipulation. After a beating either the "sorry I won't do it again" or the "you made me do it" procedure. There could be disability/dependence involved, it is a scary world on your own and having someone who beats you may be better than having no one at all. Or so one would think. Then if you do have enough of it, there is having to prove it. A trick my ex partner used to do was when the police turned up he used to lie on the floor and pretend he was unconscious. He then made out it was him that was the victim. So tell me, after all this, where the hell do you get the energy to go through a court case? As for this woman staying with Hudson now that he has been jailed, is just plain stupid.

Ted Treen said...

1) This piece if detritus is only 28? Its picture suggests 48, at least.

2) The bimbo in question should be sectioned for her own welfare, surely.

Bucko said...

If she goes back to him after he gets out of the clink, she should loose all rights to help from the police and criminal justice system in regards to her relationship with him. It's about time we had a 'Made your bed...', law.

Ted Treen said...

@Bucko - Or she could be charged as a complicit accessory, and thus incarcerated...

Bucko said...

@Ted Treen - Even better

JuliaM said...

"Or she could be charged as a complicit accessory, and thus incarcerated..."

It gets my vote!