Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Well, The Trouble Is, There's A Lot That Would!

The Royal Parks has issued a warning to parents asking them to stop putting children in harm’s way by posing with deer during rutting season.
In 2018, a girl took a picture next to a rutting stag and was injured in Bushy Park and in 2017, someone was injured and hospitalised after suffering injuries from a male deer in Richmond Park.
Adam Curtis, the Assistant Park Manager for Richmond Park said: “These incidents almost exclusively happen when people ignore our 50-metre rule and get too close.
“You wouldn’t go on safari and take a selfie with a lion - the same logic should apply here.”
I think you show a touching faith in the ability of people like this to use logic that's just not borne out by the facts!
“My advice is to be inconspicuous, and if you want to see rutting deer in action then take binoculars.”
Don't be silly, Adam, you can't get a selfie with binoculars!

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