Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Shame They Don't Teach Personal Responsibility...

Parents were shocked to get a text from their children’s school saying their bad parking had caused a near miss during the morning drop-off.
The text said two pupils were almost hit by a car outside the school gates on Thursday morning.
School-run motorists are the worst, there's no question.
The school run is a heated topic at Seahaven Academy in Newhaven, where there are building works, and teachers have tried to stop parents from dropping their children outside the gates.
But parent Daniele Clark, 47, blamed the school for the poor parking situation and criticised the “inconsiderate” text.
She said: “You get that text and you’re wondering if it’s your child.
“I don’t think a text is appropriate. It’s inconsiderate.
“I hope the kids’ parents at least got a call.
“There will soon be hundreds more students and hundreds more cars with the new junior school.”
God forbid any of them walk, or get the bus...
Grandmother Tarina Breeds, who lives in the same road as the school, said those driving their children in were at fault.
She said: “It puts my heart in my mouth when I am crossing the road with my grandchildren, it has become so, so dangerous, with double parking, speeding, and parking on the roundabout – because they insist on driving the kids to school.
The kids that will no doubt be learning all about 'man made climate change' in class, and never seeing the irony...


Anonymous said...

Why not close the road except for essential traffic, such as residents and teaching staff, say from 8.15 to 9.15 and from 14.30 to 15.45, Monday to Friday, monitored by council parking wardens? All it will take is a council bye law and, if it's successful, widen it to other schools. I understand It has been tried in other parts of the country, although with varying degrees of success, mainly due to council intransigence.

Andy5759 said...

The thinking skills course is probably scheduled for Fridays.

JuliaM said...

"All it will take is a council bye law and, if it's successful, widen it to other schools."

This, I would love to see! But who has the balls to implement it?

"The thinking skills course is probably scheduled for Fridays."

Yup! :)