Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Sometimes, It's The Best Question You Can Ask...

Lifting the curtain on what it is like working with Mr Cummings at the heart of government, the minister told MailOnline: 'In meetings, it's a lot like having a small child in the corner - ''Why? Why? Why?''
'Things we all take for granted, he wants to take to pieces and start again.'
 How have those 'things' been serving the country so far? Maybe it needs changing...

And despite this unnamed minister claiming to 'lift the curtain' on Cummings, what he actually shows  us is himself.
'He's not in the bubble like the rest of us, he doesn't know anyone - like an ordinary person.'
Heh! I bet the 'Mail' reporter could barely restrain a laugh at that!
'I suppose it's a good thing in many ways. You look at things with fresh eyes. He is always very polite, doesn't interrupt and then just makes his point.
'There's no shouting or anything.'
Can't even manage a bitter hatchet job with a friendly press, can you? Doesn't that just sum up the nonentities Boris has in his cabinet?


Doonhamer said...

Why is the Emperor naked?
Why is the Earth frying but my heating gas consumption rising?I
Why are sea levels rising but so are beach front property prices?
Why will people who get others to pay for their flight tickets be the only ones allowed to fly?
So many "why"s.

JuliaM said...

Indeed! But the more I hear about Cummings, the more I cheer him on.