Friday, 4 October 2019

"It's The Council's Fault, Innit..?"

A furious home owner is demanding the council installs CCTV in his street after thieves broke into his home and stole his car.
Hmmm, well, better CCTV would certainly help with identifying burglars after the fact, but is it really a deterrent?
The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and his partner were asleep at the time when crooks raided their home in Westcliff Parade, Westcliff.
The thieves soon sped off in the man’s Audi A4, also taking with them a laptop and Amazon Kindle tablet.
Perhaps if the council did put up CCTV, people could rest safe in the certainty that, once they'd done their bit by locking up their hou...

The victim said: “We had a little window open in one of the rooms and they crawled through and took a laptop, car keys, the car and my kindle.
“We are now more aware of making sure everything is locked up and safe and we’ve to change all the locks on the doors too.”


Anonymous said...

'Little window' - well, that rules out fat bloke perps like me. I also wouldn't steal an Audi, or any piece of German crap for that matter, so that's me off the suspects' list again. Ah, and it's somewhere near chav-central Sarfend - so I'd never go to a shithole like that: a third reason it wasn't me.

John Tee said...

When did protecting private property become the council's job?

JuliaM said...

"Ah, and it's somewhere near chav-central Sarfend..."

Which is starting to resemble the crime-ridden inner London boroughs most of the inhabitants originally fled from, sadly.

"When did protecting private property become the council's job?"

Especially given how poorly they protect public property!