Tuesday, 29 October 2019

There Is Some Hope...

Another day, another reminder that the police farce in the UK is hopelessly compromised:
...chiefs at one force are warning officers that they may be upset by ‘swearing’ and ‘offensive language’ in training exercises – and that they should contact their supervisor if they find it all too much.
No, I know what you're thinking, but it's not April 1st!
The move – part of a trend for so-called trigger warnings normally associated with ‘snowflake’ university students – has been met with derision from hard- bitten cops.
One officer joked on Twitter: ‘If this language is not acceptable to you please go directly to the safe space where the duty inspector will bring you a nice snuggle blanket and a cup of tea ... after that hand in your warrant card as you’re no ******* good to us.’
I do hope that officer was anonymous, or it'll be them out on their ear!

But which farce are we talking about here?
The language warning comes as part of an online exercise devised by Hampshire Police and aimed at both officers and civilian staff.
Ah. That explains things!
It is understood the warning was issued following a complaint by a distressed junior officer.
Who, hopefully, did not pass probation.
Hampshire police were approached for comment but did not reply.
Probably too distressed and upset by the reporter's question....


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing and unjustified.

Umbongo said...

You're too optimistic. The "distressed junior officer" will be marked for swift promotion (a la Cressida). After all Common Purpose is doing its bit to ruin this country: its nostrums have already infected the ranks of senior police beyond repair. The upcoming generation of police will be similarly corrupted: well, until McConnell becomes PM, at which time the police will unashamedly become the willing instrument of state control (cf Stasi). Then they won't have to pretend any more that the Peelite principles of policing are being observed.

James Higham said...

Keeps them occupied. Don’t want to be attending to crime now.

selsey.steve said...

These snowflakes should have trained under my CDMI (Chief Drill and Musketry Instructor), an ex-Welsh Guards Sergeant Major. He could string together 5 minutes of absolute profanity without ever once repeating himself! He was A Master of Profanity.
"I said "Stand at Ease" you snot-gobbling, pants-pissing apology for a human being, not "F*cking RELAX!" After he'd stalked around you, pace-stick in hand, he suddenly shout "TENSHUN!" "Stand at EASE!" Then repeat the process a few more times before standing, almost nose-to-nose with you as he growled "Don't f*ck it up again, or I'll have you lickin' the Square clean with your f*cking tongue! Understand?"
Yessir! was the only response.
When we passed out of the Police Training School, he paid for the beer and said that we were possibly the best squad he's ever trained. I'll never forget Chief Inspector M.A.W Brown, RHKP

MTG1 said...

Perhaps this government could play safe by allowing the likes of WC Jaded to concentrate fully on social media 'work' and opt out of dealing with (potentially) upsetting matters. You know, adding solace and palliation to policing by ignoring real crime. What's that, Jaded...the federation has already obtained those concessions and you are demanding new bonuses?

JuliaM said...

"Embarrassing and unjustified."

Get used to it. I doubt they've fully plumbed the depths yet...

"The upcoming generation of police will be similarly corrupted..."

The good ones leave. So there's no-one left to promote but the dross.

"These snowflakes should have trained under my CDMI..."