Sunday, 27 October 2019

No Laughing Matter - Please Read

Good morning all readers. Those of you expecting the normal light hearted Sunday fare will be disappointed. Today will not feature typos and headline mishaps from the media.

Today will just feature this.

Please read. And then tell me if you too think that a UK Police 'service' that indulges in these practices, more reminiscent of the corrupt old Soviet Union, or some backwater African country run by some despot, is the police force you were brought up to regard as the envy of the world..?

And if you think 'Ah, it's just the bloggers getting stirred up about this stuff, no-one else cares, or takes it seriously', it's not. Others are waking up to the state of our police and criminal justice system, others who reach far more people than this little blog:
There is no country in the world more tolerant than this one. Yet time and again in the past 20 years – and never more so than since the referendum – we have been slandered and smeared.
Political campaigners have used bogus statistics to push their own political and sectarian interests. It is time that people named and shamed the smear-merchants.
Sadly, Douglas, to do so is now to invite arrest and harassment by the State.

If the police and criminal justice system actually wanted to foment hatred and contempt for minorities, then do tell me what they'd be doing that's different from what they are doing...


Fahrenheit211 said...

Thank you very much for posting this. I'm going fight this, not just for myself, but also for the others who are persecuted by these awful and dangerous 'Hate Speech' laws. I'm going to fight for the dissidents (it's a sad fact that Britain now has dissidents just as the old Soviet Union did), for the teenage girls who are prosecuted for posting tributes to dead friends that include rap lyrics that someone was 'offended' by and every body in Britain, even those whose views I find distasteful and offensive. I am also going to fight this so that in future both our police forces and our prosecution services are cleansed of those who wish to use the law to silence critics whether of themselves or their ideology and to bring back a situation where we are all, no matter what is our skin colour, religion, sexuality or gender, is treated equally under the law.

MTG1 said...

Anyone with half a brain (you may grasp most concepts here, Jaded) has already realised that UK police have surreptitiously detached themselves from the public to place themselves outside democratic control. Nothing short of complete disassembly followed by the creation of a new public service, will be widely acceptable to a very dissatisfied public. As a consequence, far more serious risks are now attached to the health and well being of citizens daring to voice criticism of both police and Crown. Perhaps much blood will be spilt in keeping with revolutionary tradition. And the present police 'service' will rsist an enforced impotence by any foul means. The police federation is already boiling its own cauldrons, doing its evil best, to thwart changes that would ill-suit themselves and other corrupt pockets.

Present 'key' police should be placed on a short contract to provide a practical timeline for complete purging of the service. The old incumbents and all their links with the Old Guard, must be totally dismantled. Fresh graduate entrants to the new service are required but each recruit must be carefully screened at the outset. Such qualified entrants will be better equipped and enabled to re-establish public confidence in law and order...with the proviso that the oath of office is dramatically changed. Police must be sworn to serve the people as opposed to serving the Crown (and its deeply corrupt influences.)

Unknown said...


Fahrenheit211 said...

To add: If there are those wanting to find out the background to this case and previous similar incidents that are I believe are connected then I can heartily recommend the excellent article by the writer Nick Monroe linked here

Mr Monroe is able to voice his views and publish his research into some of the groups and individuals mentioned in it because he lives in the United States which unlike the UK guarantees freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Typo Melvin? Shall I leap on it like a pack of hungry wolves?

Feral said...

Let me tell you what happened to me.

It all started with my comments on the Inspector Gadget blog.
The great IG blog was wonderful for people to express their opinions about the police service and although was designed as a blog for police officers to vent their frustration it was open to all. I was not a police officer but I felt I could contribute to this informative blog.

To cut a long story short, I had a neighbour who was stalking me. I reported him to the police who at first did nothing. It wasn't until I confronted him that he then had me arrested claiming I attacked him. The arresting officer was a genuine chap who really wanted to make a difference to the world. After I told him my story he had some severe words with my neighbour and I noticed a reduction in the stalking. However, to continue to dominate, my neighbour phoned the police every day to state I was being verbally abusive to him. The genuine cop then raised the matter with the local sergeant who again quietened my neighbour. Although it worked for a while, my neighbour could not stand being gagged so little by little the stalking started again. I mentioned this on the IG blog and the police were all over it. The local sergeant who did his best won an award from the crime commissioner and the stalking was a lot less. However because I commented on the IG blog about how the police service was run and how under pressure decent officers were, it did not go down well.
Very soon the police were coming to my door involving civil matters regarding my ex partner. Then they decided to assist my neighbour with his false complaints. I had enough so stupidly I fired off some emails to Sussex police telling them exactly what I thought of them. Two police officers came to my home and not wanting my two children to see me talking to them I came out the back door where I was promptly handcuffed and told that I was being arrested for malicious communication. I protested that I had two children inside but the officers shouted out and suddenly a score of officers came from around the corner. I was bundled into a police van. At the station I was interviewed about the emails I sent to the police but also about phone messages I left to my ex partner and his mother. Due to the fact my ex partner threw boiling water on me after years of beating the hell out of me, we only spoke in anger. The police told me that the children were in the care of my ex partner and his mother and I was not to contact them. I was released on bail. The police had raided my home without a search warrant and taken computers, laptops and mobile phones leaving nothing. I went to the police station the next day about getting my children back to be told there were no officers available. That was 6 years ago. About a week after the arrest the police turned up at my house and arrested me for child cruelty. My children had been coached by someone to state that I had abused them. I was taken to prison. At prison the psychiatrist told me he was referring me to a mental hospital. At the hospital I told a doctor that it was all the police's doing and I loved my children and didn't abuse them. The doctor informed me I was I'll with delusions there was a police conspiracy. I was forcibly medicated. So that's where Feral has been for the past 6years. I am now in a rest home where I can have a mobile phone. I hope that one day I will see the police get their comeuppance, but I doubt it will be in my lifetime.
Sorry for the long post.

PC Watt du Wino said...

Get in they're, jaded!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome melvin .

Anonymous said...

Hello F211. I read your story with great interest. Without hearing both sides I cannot be sure what's happened. If you are certain you are in the right then make a complaint straight away. Claim anti-semitism which will put the cat amongst the pigeons.
Normal front-line police like myself look down with contempt at shiny-arse colleagues in places like the "hate crime squad" who are empire building. I'm not surprised the PC's name was Choudhury. He's got all the cards.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Hi Everyone. I would just like to say thank you to Julia and all those who have publicised my case. This story is now starting to go worldwide and not only is it resulting in support for yours truly, but it is also focusing British and overseas attention on the censorious groups and laws that lie at the heart of my arrest. I can't say too much at present but some major channels are going to be putting out articles and videos on this and those from these groups are in the pipeline.

To Feral. I'm horrified by what you want through and it seems completely unjust the way that you were treated.

To Jaded: This is a type of complaint that I am considering but I want to consider it and take legal advice on it.

To 'Unknown ' Yes I am resisting as not only to I want to get this monkey off of my back, I also want to see the monkey of 'hate speech' and 'hate crime' laws taken off of everyone else's back as well. The law should be equal and these laws detract from that.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

JuliaM said...

" I'm going fight this, not just for myself, but also for the others who are persecuted by these awful and dangerous 'Hate Speech' laws."

I'm praying you win.

"Present 'key' police should be placed on a short contract to provide a practical timeline for complete purging of the service."

That'll never happen.

"Sorry for the long post."

Don't be sorry. The more people lift rocks, the more the vermin have to scuttle for cover.

"Normal front-line police like myself look down with contempt at shiny-arse colleagues in places like the "hate crime squad"..."

Like ordinary German soldiers despised the SS, you mean?

"Normal service will be resumed soon."

/applause. Keep your chin up, I firmly believe this will be a turning point.