Friday, 4 October 2019

How Could Anyone 'Compromise' Such A Useless Legal Process..?

Remember this story and Police Scotland's demand to let the legal system handle it?
Animal campaigners say justice has not been served for a Dundee puppy believed to have died in mysterious circumstances after a man convicted of its theft appeared in court.
Andrew Alexander, 35, was fined £250 this week after being convicted of stealing the dog from a property in Park Avenue.
 If that's how the legal system 'handles it', no wonder people would rather serve their own justice...
The little dog was last seen safe on July 16 at the home of family friend Kelly Deuchar, 36, who had been looking after her.
She left the animal in the care of Alexander, who was her flatmate, and went out to do some shopping.When she returned, the dog was gone.
Nor does this scumbag confine his crimes to animals:
Alexander, who now lives in London, denied stealing the dog but was found guilty of the offence on Friday at Dundee Sheriff Court.
He was also found guilty of assaulting Ms Deuchars on a separate occasion by seizing her on the body, placing her in a headlock and spraying an unknown irritant in her face.
He got another £250 fine for that.


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