Monday, 21 October 2019

Mistakes Happen, Yes...

..but what's the real reason for this?
The force said it would not be issuing an apology.
Hmmm, for what, exactly?
Jamie Cole-McCue, 44 spoke of his “total shock” when officers surrounded his car and levelled what he thought were machine guns at him and his girlfriend.
He said the armed response officers forced him to the ground yesterday morning outside the supermarket in Arundel Road, Brighton, believing he had a firearm in his car.
“About four officers armed with guns charged out and surrounded the car on either side. They pointed the guns at our heads and screamed ‘stop the car or we’ll shoot’.
“They pulled me out of the car, knocked me to the floor so my belly was on the ground and cuffed me. All the time their guns were pointed at my head. I’d done nothing wrong. I’m still in total shock.”
Mr Cole-McCue, who lives in Brighton, said the officers searched the car for guns – but found only the couple’s two poodles in the back.
Anyone else find it a bit odd that the police are adamant they won't issue an apology?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the suspicion of guns being in the car was just an excuse, and they were really looking for MTG's lawnmower?

Anonymous said...

The comments are interesting . Let's see what happens with this one.

Stonyground said...

Is it because it wasn't a case of mistaken identity but that Jamie was someone who was known to the police and didn't have a gun in his car on this occasion but might well have had?

MTG 1 said...

Sloppy plod planning. Probably forgot that anonymous, illegal firearm kept for planting on the corpse. Contact West Yorkshire Police for prices and further details.

JuliaM said...

"...and they were really looking for MTG's lawnmower?"


"Is it because it wasn't a case of mistaken identity but that Jamie was someone who was known to the police..."

I suspect he is.

Anonymous said...

He is known to the police. Convicted burglar.