Tuesday, 22 October 2019

We Should Start By Calling It What It Is...

...not 'bullying'. Assault:

Jake was out of school for three months and the bullies were expelled after the two attacks which happened on consecutive days.
Just expelled? Where was the police action? Why are they not facing criminal charges?

Answer: because calling it 'bullying' conjures up pictures of childish petty squabbles. What this child suffered was Actual Bodily Harm.

And it should have been treated as such, not dismissed with bureaucratic waffle:
A spokesman for the de Ferrers Academy, where Jake was a pupil at the time of the attack, said: 'The academy has a range of strategies in place to minimise bullying and clear procedures to address it should it occur.
'We operate an entirely non-teaching support and guidance structure to ensure that pastoral staff are always available should a student need to report an issue.
'This is supplemented by inclusion centres on each campus and staff who provide counselling, should the need arise.
'As part of our safeguarding review with the local authority, we have also introduced an email student helpline for bullying which guarantees a response within the day.
'All bullying incidents are recorded and reported to the local governing body.'
Such a lot of meaningless guff, amounting to 'Yes, well, we've ticked all the boxes, what more do you expect?'...


MTG 1 said...

If they do nothing else...which is often the case...Messrs Plod & Jobsworth will ensure that every box receives a prominent tick.

Feral said...

Yet again a sad situation. It really upsets me to see how badly children behave. It makes me wonder if there should be more specialist schools for the vulnerable children. They are put in mainstream schools where there is no where near enough support and are expected to get on with it. Incidents like this would be far fewer if there were more special needs schools. Shame.

JuliaM said...

"It makes me wonder if there should be more specialist schools for the vulnerable children"

It makes ME wonder if there shouldn't be a licence to procreate...