Friday, 11 October 2019

Not Much Of A Mystery, Really...

Mr Rosser added that it was “a mystery” that Tuppein had evaded the courts for so long.
Mitigating, Gareth Hughes said that Tuppein had fallen into drug dealing as he was a user too.
He added: “For the racial harassment, the defendant was in a hospital bed, he was in pain and said things he wouldn’t have said normally.
“Due to the warrant for his arrest he couldn’t find proper work or apply for benefits.”
Another example from the legal system of killing your parents and demanding clemency because you're now an orphan!
Tuppein, of Octavia Road, Isleworth, appeared at court via video link where he was still using crutches due to his injury when trying to escape.
Caused when a member of the public threw an object at him when he trespassed in his garden.
Judge Ian Graham sentenced Tuppein to six years in prison, saying jail time was “the only way” for him to pay for his crimes.
Well, well, well! He won't serve it all, of course. But here's at least one judge who's no fool.


Anonymous said...

So how much of the 6 years for each crime, eh? Betcha most of it for calling a spade a spade - and hopefully, he was speared by a garden fork thrown like a trident so he didn't have a leg to stand on!

MTG said...

Another Seriously Big Mystery. On the other hand, solving those dreadful '31 mph crimes' is just like shelling peas.

Isn't that so, WC Jaded?

JuliaM said...

"On the other hand, solving those dreadful '31 mph crimes' is just like shelling peas."

I don't see enough of even that!