Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Feel The Gratitude!

Kevin Aling, 61, Gordon Wilkie, 45, and Andrew Ellis, 54, say homeless people in Brighton are crammed into temporary accommodation “like cattle” and exposed to unsafe, unsanitary conditions – something the council denies.
Kevin, who has been on and off the streets for almost 50 years, now lives in a council building on Grand Parade.
So, the taxpayer's housed him. What's his beef?
He said: “It’s like a cattle farm in there. We shouldn’t be housed in these conditions. The council’s temporary accommodation is designed to get as many people in as possible. It’s overcrowded and the council doesn’t care about our safety.”
Kevin said: “The council thinks that once we’re off the street they can wash their hands of us. What they don’t realise is that they’ve got to help keep us off the street.”
Why? They don't have to help keep everyone else off the streets, do they?

What makes you think that you deserve more than the basic help they've just given you? Which is more than most people get...
The men said people in temporary accommodation are living in squalid conditions. Kevin said the building “stinks” of urine.
“When I moved in the mattress stank – everything does”, he said. “No one in that council has been where we are. We’re treated like stuff they wipe off their shoes.
“They just can’t cope with the number of people on the street. And they’re not listening to our complaints. If they want me to go back and die on the street, I’ll do it.”
I don't know what they want, but me? I'm pretty sanguine about it...


Anonymous said...

So having at times worked 60 hours a week to keep a roof over my family's head I am now responsible for paying out to keep a roof over everyone else's head. What am I societies bloody workhorse?

Bucko said...

Good Lord! "Put me in better accommodation or I'll go back on the streets!"
Our council reckons there are only 13 confirmed homeless people in our borough, yet our 'campaigners' keep raising the roof about how terrible it all is.

It's fruit loops like this that perpetuate the problem, isn't it

Stonyground said...

Well maybe you're right Mr. Anon but on the other hand. I've worked hard all of my life, often in pretty unpleasant conditions sometimes in jobs I hated. Why? Because I see it as a duty to pay my own way and provide for my family. I'm not too likely to become homeless, my house is bought and paid for. But nobody bought it for me, my wife and I worked for it and paid for it ourselves. Sure the world could be kinder to people like this guy and maybe would be better for it. It would also be a whole lot better if more people took responsibility for their own lives like adults instead of expecting the authorities to act like surrogate parents using other people's money.

okjoe58 said...

Anon you hope that, do you? OK, Squire, I hear you


In Tel Aviv the homeless stink of piss too although they have a lovely beach next to them. The homeless really are disgusting, no pride.

Anonymous said...

My elderly mother (now passed away) said she didn't mind being the source of a whiff of piss when she was over 90, as everyone smelt of it in her youth because washing clothes was more difficult then than now. Mind you, they could hardly tell, because everyone smoked and even the cleanest people smelt of stale tobacco smoke, which covered up the piss. Apparently, the smoking ban led to people being able to smell the farts in pubs, especially in Dublin, where they have a certain piquancy. Of course the diet then lacked garlic in any quantity, but the cigarette smoke covered up BO as well.

Does the homeless bloke think that the smell of piss he complains of came from all those people who pay taxes to support him? Did they sneak into the shelter and piss over everything? Methinks is might just have come from the other homeless folks who were housed there before him. Couldn't he smell the piss on the streets where he rough-slept before? What a wuss. Piss-stench is one of the joys of being homeless ...

Labour_Meme_Central said...

Tel Aviv? Blimey, they have wicked Tory cuts there, too? Fuck Me, those wicked Tories get everywhere. Or maybe it's greedy, grasping, Jewish Financiers. You'd expect a lot of them in Tel Aviv. Now if Labour was in power ...

JuliaM said...

"What am I societies bloody workhorse?"

Let's see what effect the shutdown over #Coronavirus has on the scroungers, shall we?

"It's fruit loops like this that perpetuate the problem, isn't it"

Spot on!

"You're an asshole. Kinda hope you end up homeless one day what with how you like to talk shit about them on here and twitter. You're disgusting"

Astonishing! You know the difference between 'Your' and 'You're'! You can stay, troll.

"In Tel Aviv the homeless stink of piss too although they have a lovely beach next to them."

Would you want them in the water, though?

"Tel Aviv? Blimey, they have wicked Tory cuts there, too? "