Monday 9 March 2020

Should Have Worn A Burkha, Chum...

...then they'd have had to let you in!
Fathers4Justice campaigner David Chick arrived at Brighton Magistrates Court yesterday dressed as a combination of Spider-Man and Superwoman.
The 53-year-old was not permitted to enter the courtroom while magistrate judge Tessa Szagun liaised with Chick’s defence solicitor Linda MacDonald.
The judge clearly hasn't had the required diversity training:
Judge Szagun said: “I would have given him the benefit of the doubt if it was for World Book Day but it’s not appropriate if he’s coming into the court as a protest.
“I think I have got to make a point to say that it’s not acceptable and he needs to remove the face paint if he wants to be dealt with in court today.
“I have got to make sure the dignity of the court is maintained and he’s not given an opportunity to make a mockery of that.”
Sweetie, the courts have no dignity any more. And if he'd declared himself 'transgender', you'd find yourself on the other end of the court to your usual seat for those comments...
Judge Szagun gave Chick the opportunity to remove his make-up, but he chose not to.
Is he an arse? Yes. But so's the law, for allowing one but not the other...
Judge Szagun adjourned the case until April 29 at 9.30am in Brighton Magistrates Court.
One to watch...


MTG said...

"Is he an arse? Yes"

It is neither the first, nor will it be the last time you pour your female scorn on these brave, decent men, JuliaM.

A penny for your thoughts, teddy boy.

Robert the Biker said...

While I agree whole heartedly with their aims (having been hosed by women before), its stupid stunts like this that make all Fathers look like whiny twats. Keep the fannying about for street protests, but have a bit of decorum in front of the beak.

Anonymous said...

An interesting story just when I had come to believe the primary reason for having any courts in UK was to extort money from those who are normally law abiding. Any pretence that it's to hand down justice and protect the community having been abandoned long ago.

bloke in Germany said...

Would declaring oneself to be female increase the custody rights?

JuliaM said...

"... these brave, decent men,..."

Some of them are. A lot are whackjobs. As Robert points out, their stunts are increasingly counterproductive.

"Would declaring oneself to be female increase the custody rights?"