Monday, 15 April 2019

#Chavs, Kids And Dogs - A Recipe For Disaster...

...from Land's End to John O'Groats, the stories are the same. Disorganized parenting, lack of foresight and dogs revered as weapons, more than pets:
The horrific attack allegedly by a 'bulldog-type breed' took place near the town of Looe in South- East Cornwall.
A 28-year-old woman believed to be the dog's owner was spotted shortly afterwards covered in blood. She claimed she had been attacked by her boyfriend and was pleading for help to leave the scene.
That dog has been 'transferred to kennels' rather than being shot by armed officers at the scene of the arrest. Dig deep, taxpayers! It's going to be there a while.
It is understood by the Daily Record that the mother had left her little boy in the care of her sister's partner, Chris Cooper, who owns several terriers and lurchers.
But neighbours claim he had gone outside to play football and left the baby in the house alone with the dogs.
That dog took a one-way trip to the vet before Police Scotland could put down their tablets and smartphones and get out there to soak the Scottish taxpayer for its keep, which I suppose is something...

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