Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Do You Have To Be Thick To Work For Cleveland Police Farce?

...or do they undergo specialist training to be this dim?
Cleveland Police has said that under current legislation, the force will only investigate if a person is injured or in reasonable fear of being injured.”
Hmmm, ok.
Mr Fisher was knocked backwards to the floor as the dogs savaged him, while others set upon Sansa.
"As I fell, I twisted," he told Teesside Live. "There was a dog on top of me, I thought it's going to take my bloody throat out here, they were growling, they were crackers.
"I went through all those news flashes, people being set upon by their family pet and being killed or maimed."
Clearly, he was indeed in reasonable fear of being injured. So when are you bluelighting to his addr...

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman confirmed the incident had been reported.
She added: "However, there has not been a crime committed and the owner of the dog has been advised regarding civil action."
Does the poor sod have to wait until the beast's owner misgenders someone?


Anonymous said...

Come on down Melvin. Julia has crossed the ball, please feel free to head it in (in Latin hopefully)

Anonymous said...

Gosh...a classics challenge from Jaded! Is the resident constable aware of latin plays bursting with appropriate farce and lines of lunacy credited to brainless officials?

Impressed as I am by the request, I could not expect her to osmose into latin anytime soon. And not wishing to pour cold water on her cerebral aspirations, the fabulae atellanae are unlikely to appeal to any plod I know.

'Educatid stock like wot jaded is' are probably more comfortable with classic issues of the Beano.

Anonymous said...

You never let us down mtg with your sneering air of superiority

JuliaM said...

"You never let us down mtg with your sneering air of superiority "

Well, you did say 'Candyman' in a mirror three times, Jaded...

Anonymous said...

"Well, you did say 'Candyman' in a mirror three times, Jaded..."

I know, JuliaM. Mortals who survive long enough to experience the increasingly difficult task of separating folklore from cheap Hollywood fodder, are equally confused by elementary mathematics.