Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Maybe Not Now, But He Seems To Aspire To It…

The dad of an 11-year-old boy who threatened to ‘”shank” his classmates with a pen knife has defended his son and criticised the school for “fanning the flames”.
As you'd expect from someone whose woeful 'parenting' has come into stark focus...
The dad said: “In light of what has happened we, as a family, understand the community’s reaction.
“We in no way condone what has happened but the way that the events have been portrayed are totally untrue and wildly over-exaggerated.
“The fact is, that although wrong, my son took a bottle opener into school and it wasn’t a knife or a ‘shank’.
“There was a small blade implement which is used to remove the foil from a wine bottle but this hardly makes my son Jack the Ripper as some people’s reaction seem to suggest.”
Even Jack started somewhere..!
“My son had no intention of hurting anyone - he chose a bottle opener from a kitchen draw (sic) full of knives.”
Well, your son's dim. It clearly runs in the family.
“We are disappointed at the lack of professionalism that the school has shown in the handling of this incident.
“Although we understand they have a duty of care, we feel that in this case it should have been dealt within a more open-minded manner and instead of an instant knee jerk reaction to permanently exclude my son.”
 They were probably glad of the opportunity.
“The school should have viewed all of the facts - my son’s impeccable previous behaviour and the fact that this is totally out of character for him based on his past.
“Regarding the school’s statement to the Echo and the letter sent out to the parents after the incident, I would’ve thought that the school would try to calm things down regarding the situation considering that there is an ongoing investigation into what has happened and more evidence is coming to light.”
I feel 'more evidence' isn't going to help.


Umbongo said...

Bit unfair there: mis-spelling of the word "drawer" is, I think, down to the Echo's reporters/subbies not "Mark" since the report states that "the dad said". "Mark's" statement reads fluently and I suspect that he might even be literate. OTOH I wouldn't be surprised if some lawyer, who has a "human rights" practice on the side, helped out here. Mind you, the response from the school is a typical and, in effect, meaningless, "speak your weight" response (eg . . . [t]he school has dealt with this incident in line with emergency safeguarding procedures and protocols to ensure the safety . . . .) which tells us nothing.

selsey.steve said...

Maybe the little snot will learn the lesson that actions have consequences.

JuliaM said...

"...which tells us nothing."

On the contrary, it tells us a lot. Like, not to send our children there!

"Maybe the little snot will learn the lesson that actions have consequences."

With a father determined to tell him this is 'unfair', it's unlikely.