Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Catch 'Em Young...

The girl, who cannot be named because of her age, targeted three homes in a 12-day period stealing items including a knife.
She was eleven.
Despite the seriousness of the crimes and because of her young age she was only sentenced to a six month contract with the Southend youth offender panel. It means her sentence will consist of working with agencies to try and stop her committing more crimes.
*rolls eyes*
Her mother was also punished.
Oh! Well, that's certainly a change!

Errr, 'punished', how, exactly..?
First she was ordered to attend the meetings throughout the six months.
Ooh! Harsh!
Her mother must pay £250 compensation to the first victim and £40 to the third victim in £20 instalments.
Why so low? Because she's on benefits, of course...

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