Saturday, 13 April 2019


A gran who went on a spending spree after scooping £22k at bingo is now surviving on egg on chips after her benefits were cut.
'Surviving', eh?
The 63-year-old divorcee forked out on a Walt Disney World holiday to Florida - her first in more than a decade - colouring books and a specialist chair for her arthritis , reports Birmingham Live.
But city council tenant Jean says she is now at risk of losing her home after most of her benefit payments were stopped following her win. She has been left struggling to afford to pay her rent and is taking antidepressants because of the stress triggered by the thought of being evicted.
What did she expect?
"I haven’t had any benefits since August last year. The DWP is saying I squandered the money just to get benefits - but I didn't.
"I bought colouring books because if I can’t go out that’s what I sit and do. It’s my hobby. I had one holiday and that was the first I’d had in 11 years.
"I bought a recliner chair for my health, as I have arthritis in my legs. I bought new stuff for the house, things I’ve never been able to replace as I haven’t had the money. "
You 'can't go out', but you could fly to Florida..?
“I can’t even go to a food bank because of my chronic diarrhoea. They don’t have food I’m able to eat.
But they did in Disney World?
“It’s been seven months, I just want my benefits back.”
And there you have it. This is what the pervasive benefit culture does to people.

H/T: GeorgeSmiley via Twitter


Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

You don't get many colouring books for £22 000 these days.

Stonyground said...

Surely if you are on benefits and have a windfall like that, the obvious thing to do is to find out what the rules are so that you can make the best of it. I presume that she is a believer in the magic money tree, she doesn't seem to be sparing much thought for the people who work their arses off to earn her benefits for her.

JuliaM said...

"You don't get many colouring books for £22 000 these days."

When did colouring things in become something adults did? Is it Soduko for thickies?

"...the obvious thing to do is to find out what the rules are so that you can make the best of it."

Rules..? They are for other people!