Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cheers, Dhimmi Dave..!

The prime minister has ordered a new inquiry into claims the security services may have been complicit in the ill treatment of Michael Adebolajo, who went on to butcher a British soldier in a London street, it has emerged.
Christ, I despair.

What next – ‘British PM orders investigation into claims Jihadi John was ‘looked at funny’ in the street by white people’..?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That won't be the end though-if they find the tiniest bit of evidence then he will probably get compensation.
No wonder they laugh at our soft western civilisation.

Trevor said...

This is effectively jihad: every penny wasted on this idiocy, on security service monitoring of dirtbags who shouldn't even be in the country, on legal aid, on ... ad nauseam, represents a small victory for the savages. Death by a thousand cuts. Why isn't there a politician saying this, never mind doing something about it?

Ted Treen said...

Spot on, Trev.

Anonymous said...


Well said Trev

Michael said...

What we threatened him with "The Comfy Chair"? Our Armed Forces were told not to shout or bang the table when interrogating terrorists, bad enough we have few forces left but the do gooder brigade have even banned harsh language in case the poor little mites feel upset.

Anonymous said...

What JAded and Trev said - fucking mental! And that CAGE lot - Jesus H Keerist ! This country is fucked

Flaxen Saxon said...

Bless. Some monster who cut a man's head off is being treated badly. Makes you want to cry real tears. We have indeed gone soft in the West. The death penalty is the real answer to this scum. Saves money on prison costs and the punishment fits the crime. Frankly,I do believe this bastard should be slowly beaten to death with a frozen pork sausage. Any volunteers? Form an orderly queue.

Anonymous said...

What FS said.

Furor Teutonicus said...

FS, I much prefer two other options.

One includes an Oxycetelyne torch, and the other, a chair wired to the city power grid, using THEM as a fuse, and set to "low fry."

JuliaM said...

"No wonder they laugh at our soft western civilisation."

True... :/

We've only ourselves to blame, there.

"Our Armed Forces were told not to shout or bang the table when interrogating terrorists..."


"The death penalty is the real answer to this scum."

We don't NEED to take them alive, do we? Their intell can't be worth the aggro.