Friday, 13 February 2015

Let’s See More Of This!

Defence barrister Martin Steen began to tell Judge Eccles that Jake had “expressed sympathy” to Miss Shrewsbury and her family, when she also interjected.
She said: “Never has he said that, not once has he said sorry.”
Good for you, even if it did simply serve to get you removed from the court by security.

I wonder if the judge asked any probing questions of the defence? If so, the newspaper doesn’t recount them…
Mr Steen told the judge that, since being moved to Bullingdon Prison last year, Jake had been a target for abuse.
He said: “The problem with Bullingdon is that his brother was previously detained there.
“Jake faces being tormented and intimidated by those who assume that he’s involved with his brother, which he is not in any way.”
But he was involved with him. Involved enough to pervert the course of justice…
When Judge Eccles returned he adjourned the sentencing until March 10 for reports to be prepared.
Jake, who has been in custody for 14 months, will remain in custody until then.
My heart bleeds for him. Where’s my tiny violin?
He … distanced himself from his older brother and said: “He is an evil person. Everything he does is horrible.
“I’m not like Ben, I’m me.
“I’ve lost everything because of him.”
No, you self-absorbed little shit, a mother has lost everything. A family has lost everything.

You? Your own actions have brought you to this point. The justice system will no doubt be lenient, as it always is with creatures like you.


Flaxen Saxon said...

Seems like a nice family. I wonder what his brother is like? I'm sure he is an epitome of virtue whilst in nick. Perhaps he should stay there for the benefit of the other inmates.

JuliaM said...