Sunday, 1 February 2015

There's Nothing About This Story That Isn't Hilarious!

About 20 officers raided a traveller site in Cleeve Prior near Evesham this morning while a police helicopter hovered overhead.
Dogs barked and someone shouted, "Give me the warrant!" and "We want to make a complaint!" as officers made a shock raid on the site.
In the disused toilet they discovered 19 cannabis plants and growing kit.
A sniffer dog was also brought in to make sure officers had missed nothing during the raid, part of Operation Cordon. Officers, who carried out the raid following a tip-off, said the plants had a potential yield of £57,000 a year (working on the basis that each plant had a yield of £3,000).
I bet it was some good shit!
During the raid a woman, who declined to be named, said to officers: "You're killing them plants. It's murder. Leave us a couple of buds for a spliff. I use the heat lamps to get a suntan. Don't manhandle the plants. Someone has looked after them for a long time."
Awwwww, bless!
The situation between the officers and the site residents was tense to begin with as a woman demanding officers show her a search warrant but she was told the plots being searched were not hers. Another woman could be seen filming the police raid on a tablet. One man, speaking to one of the officers, said: "You don't like me and I don't like you. We can get just as many people as you and a lot nastier. Me and you will be having it out some time."
Hence, I suppose, why the police came mob-handed. I wonder what would happen to me if I threatened a police officer in that manner? I suspect my feet wouldn't touch the floor...
One of the travellers, Ricky Johnson, offered officers peanut butter sandwiches.
I bet no-one was daft enough to take up the 'kind offer'..!
He said: "The Johnsons have been very co-operative. The police are welcome at the site but not as a militant force."
Jimmy Johnson told police he did not know about the cannabis plants. "How the plants got past me I don't know." He added: "I am grateful the officers acted in a respectful way, and their behaviour was well-mannered."
Pity we can't say the same about your fellow travellers, eh?


Anonymous said...

Shame they just can't order up an air strike! All that time effort and money will ultimately be wasted because no one will get convicted of anything

Flaxen Saxon said...

'An unused toilet'. What a bloody surprise. Don't want to deprive the gypos from crapping in the field, do we?

James Higham said...

Could guarantee not all of that would find its way to the bonfire of the vanities. That's theft too.

JuliaM said...

"'An unused toilet'. What a bloody surprise."


Anonymous said...

Suck my dick all of you and come say this to us up the site then you shitbags