Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hey, ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ Is A Figure Of Speech!

It’s not a bloody instruction!
A judge has ruled a teenage girl from Newcastle should be placed in secure accommodation, because she is thought to have been sexually exploited by Asian men.
Now, I know what you’re thinking – it’s April 1st. But I checked the calendar, and it isn’t…
Judge Wood said he had considered targeting the men who were exploiting the teenager, but had concluded that he was not in a position to take such an approach.
Why not? Because it’s more difficult? Isn’t that why he’s paid the big bucks?
He said he had been giving "chilling evidence" about the girl from a senior detective.
The detective had "impressed" on him that as long as the teenager was in secure accommodation she was "safe" and "could not be raped or worse".
Well, I've no doubt that the senior, office-bound police officer grade would prefer all victims to be locked up so they could have a quiet shift investigating French train etiquette or people being mean to one another on Facebook, rather than doing the difficult job of investigating Muslim grooming gangs or rolling around covered in dog crap with habitual burglars.

But there’s a question of civil liberties here, isn't there? When will we see Shami and Liberty riding to the rescue?

H/T: @SuperOldHolborn via Twitter


Ian B said...

Probably the truth that dare not speak its name is that she if they don't lock her up she will willingly consort with men. We're back to the first progressive era strategy of locking up any girl with a sex drive as "delinquent" in an institution.

Don't forget that the bit of the Rotherham report that was ignored under the headline numbers; many of the supposed victims refused to agree that they were victims of anything despite concerted barracking by counsellors.

We're still writing horror stories about girls dragged into institutions for their own good in the time of our grandparents (Sucker Punch is typical of the trope). Welcome to the Second Progressive Era: all the same mistakes, all over again.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Surely the gangs are too hard to contemplate and wipe out. Best to deal with the sloppy consequences, eh?

Trevor said...

Flaxen, was there any need to qualify 'consequences' with that particular adjective? You've put me right off my semolina.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Maybe we should disband the police force, hang the judiciary, and start again?

Or am I being too simplistic?

PS. I have a garage full of piano wire and surplus telegraph poles.

andy5759 said...

Get yer yardarms 'ere.

JuliaM said...

"We're back to the first progressive era strategy of locking up any girl with a sex drive as "delinquent" in an institution."

Well, we've conditioned everyone to take the easy way out at all times, so it was inevitable...

"You've put me right off my semolina."