Sunday, 15 February 2015

Grammar Fun With West Midlands Police!



Anonymous said...

Yo! JoolzM I isas big a pedant ya knaa bout all diss gramma and such like ya knaaa wot ah meen but Five-Oh gut to b able to spik wiv all dose oooo spik lak diss naaa ya kno innit! Like!

My initial reaction was 'Dear God'!

andy5759 said...

We are them, and they are us. A sort of Peelian parody, perfect police for parts of the West Midlands.

Anonymous said...

Heads should roll,P45's should be handed out.

JuliaM said...

"My initial reaction was 'Dear God'!"

It grates on the ear, doesn't it?

"Heads should roll,P45's should be handed out."

A bit harsh! Merely prise their fingers from the keyboard and send them onto the streets to do a proper policing job.