Sunday, 22 February 2015

"You come to Glasgow, we don't stand for it, we'll just set aboot ye."

“But I only wanted to watch a film..!”
One witness Michael Bolton, 33, told The Mirror: "Besides being the worst film I have ever seen, three women were getting arrested and put in a police van when we arrived.
"A woman came out the theatre and said that a guy had been glassed. One woman was in handcuffs and another two women were in tears.
"She said that three or four girls had been very loud and were shouting. The man had asked them to shut up and he was glassed.
"It’s a cinema where you can buy drink. Only in Glasgow are police called to the cinema. This type of behaviour happens at pubs and nightclubs – but you don’t expect that at a cinema.
“The guys at the cinema were tidying up the blood before we were going in. They were wiping down seats before the start of the 8.20pm film. "
Oh, Glasgae! Don’t ever change…


Twenty_Rothmans said...

FACT: Most of Glasgow used to be Conservative/Unionist constituencies.

Behold the progress made under the glorious Labour party!

JuliaM said...

And that's the way the rest of the country is going!