Tuesday, 24 February 2015

“Gentleman! You Can’t Fight In Here, This Is A Boxing Tournament!”

With some of the invaders reported to be carrying weapons, police were called and the tournament was promptly halted - ruling out some top clashes between leading London boxers and their Scandinavian rivals.
“It’s heartbreaking, so many people work so hard to keep amateur boxing alive yet the action of a few idiots can ruin everything,” said Mills, who runs his own plumbing company.
It’s uncertain whether the ‘idiots’ referred to are the gatecrashers, or the police who failed to ensure the miscreants were dealt with so the event could continue…
However ABA official in charge Ted Goreham backed the police intervention, adding: “They were correct calling off the show.
“If they had not stopped it, I would have done. You just cannot tolerate that sort of behaviour at tournaments, it’s terrible for the sport.”
Wait, what? Is he suggesting that it was the ticketholders present that were causing the trouble, and not gatecrashers?
Romford official Paul Claydon has worked regularly with Scandinavian clubs staging shows in the past and said: “They are great people - we are good friends.”
Shaking with anger he was quick to apologise to the Scandinavian team and RUSSC club staff and management.
“I have put on around 40 shows and never had any trouble before. It has cost me thousands of pounds and months of hard work to arrange this show,” added Claydon, who is still counting the cost of a night he fears could cause his club to fold.
Curiouser and curiouser…

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