Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Well, Good..!

Frankly, I want the police to aggressively pursue teenage muggers who breach their bail conditions! 

If they end up falling 17 stories to their death in a futile bid to escape out of a window, well, I’ll have my nano-violin ready…
Her mother Mildred Goff told Southwark Coroner's Court that officers were aggressive when they came to her house looking for Shanice-Paris during her eight months on the run from June 2011.
Mrs Goff said two friends of her daughter had reported that when officers found her at the flats on the day she died, one said 'you're going back to prison for a long time' and was aggressive.
So, basically, hearsay about something we shouldn’t worry about anyway?
Mrs Goff told senior Southwark coroner Dr Andrew Harris and a jury: "She's my child, I've raised my kids to do what's right by the law
Well, clearly, that didn’t take with this one, did it?


Bucko said...


I see. She's black so this was not about the police trying to catch a criminal, it was about the police being racist.

"she recalled how Shanice-Paris had told her she loved her in a final Facebook message"


Anonymous said...

Shanice! Given the late child's moniker, if the mother is looking for someone to blame she should start with herself, might as well called it ASBO from birth.

Ed P said...

What a great name: (Sha)Nice-Paris!
Perhaps it's a record of her mother's shagging around Europe: Nice, Paris, then where did she spread her legs? Does she have another sprog named Rheims-Lille? Or Basel-Rome perhaps?

This could start a trend!

Anonymous said...

I know the Sergeant well who was involved in this case,he's a good egg.I also know the girls previous,she's not a good egg.
I would have loved it if the coroner had said to the mother "may I remind you that you are under oath Mrs Chav" when she said that she had bought her child up properly.
As for why she had time to climb out onto the ledge-the other occupants of the flat turned violent to stop the police catching her.I'm sure their evidence will be interesting.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Yep, Tis all in the name really. Shanice-Paris (should there be a hyphen?) was fucked the day she was born. I refer gentle readers to a learned paper I collaborated on with Prof Mugumbo and published in an internationally reknowned and peer reviewed journal.


JuliaM said...

"She's black so this was not about the police trying to catch a criminal, it was about the police being racist."

Spot on!

"Does she have another sprog named Rheims-Lille?"


"I also know the girls previous,she's not a good egg."

Indeed not. Nor her pals, as the last court report shows, they did indeed obstruct the officers in an attempt to hide her. They have about as much brains as she did.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the victims of this girl and although I feel for her family,as I'm a mother myself now,I can tell you she was one of the main attackers when I was robbed at knife point by her and 3 others she threw vodka in my face tried to smash a mug on my head pulled me by my hair punched me kicked me spat in my face and tried to bite my face her boyfriend at the time was saying he was going to cut my neck with a big kitchen knife in hand they made me spread my legs and searched me after taking all my jewellery phones and bag then punched me in my face one more time all assault was by shanice while the others held me or threatened me so no she was not a nice girl