Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No Rush, Lads..!

Mr Cheema said he was disappointed with the speed of the police investigation.
A police spokesman said: “Our enquiries are ongoing. We have had no confirmation about which breed the dogs are.”
What does it matter? The new legislation – which you whinged for because otherwise ‘your hands are tied’ – allows action to be taken no matter what breed, and no matter if it occurs on private property.
“Officers have been to see the man in hospital but he was in theatre at the time. A statement will be taken when he is ready and the dogs have been earmarked for a visit from the dog patrols.”
No-one has been arrested.
I bet you’ve marked the address on the PNC, though, so you don’t get an unwelcome surprise when knocking on the door one day, eh?


Anonymous said...

I often take statements off victims whilst they are under anaesthetic.

wpc jilted said...

jaded as grate inglish innit

Anonymous said...

Hooray Melvins back. Where would we be without his pompous sneering posts?

JuliaM said...

"I often take statements off victims whilst they are under anaesthetic."

He's out now, and giving statements to the local news. What's keeping the police?