Wednesday, 18 February 2015

'Can't Find', Or Don't Want To Find..?

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said it had no details about the incident, but would welcome anyone with information to come forward.
Well, you have to give the police a chance, and report these sorts of...

Mr Flowers, 28, said while he had recovered from the incident, which had been reported to the police, his client had been left in a state of shock.
Which is it, North Yorkshire Police, laziness, incompetence, or....something else?

The comments give a clue:
darldish says...
mog2012 wrote: attention seeking dog owners. no-one wants to steal dogs when they are offered for free all over the country. BS story to titilate the facebook crowd.
Mog2012 when we wanna hear an @rsehole talking we'll **** thanks. Even if the occasional dog is offered for free its normally advertised as free to good home. so how many dog owners are gonna hand their pooch over to a scruffy shifty looking member of a certain community in a van, given their love of dog fighting etc as all too often they use smaller dogs for training theirs?
Well, well, well...

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