Tuesday, 10 July 2018

"Some Free Publicity? Gosh, Thanks Awfully!"

Joe Duncombe, who lives in Rochford, was in the final stages of shooting for his film We Wait in the Woods - a feature-length horror movie about friends mourning the loss of someone who had taken their own life.
As part of filming, the crew had used a prop pair of legs made of duct tape which were hanging from a tree in his parents’ back garden - something which angered many members of the community after they were left up over the weekend.
Well, yes.
“I wanted to create awareness and a bit of debate with the project but I was surprised this happened before we had even finished filming.
“The fact people are speaking about mental health and suicide awareness is a good thing.”
There really is no such thing as bad PR, then?
The crew have now finished filming and Joe has entered the post-production phase with the aim of getting it ready for this year’s Horror on Sea film festival.
Ah. Now it's all clear...

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