Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Going Through The Motions....

A passerby helped the couple and took them to the Last Post pub where they waited for police to arrive.
They were taken to hospital where they were treated for cuts and bruises.
Brenan had to have a CT scan and an x-ray due to the severity of his head and hand injuries but both were luckily only left with severe bruising.”
Phoebe and 20-year-old Brenan claim police are no longer investigating due to a lack of evidence so the couple are urgently appealing for the witnesses to come forward.
“The issue is that police have closed the investigation due to lack of evidence,” she claimed.
But there were so many people who saw it and helped. I need them to contact police and give them statements.”
Essex Police have said several lines of enquiry were investigated but if anyone has further information, they should get in touch.
I wonder why Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly hasn't popped up to 'reassure' people, like he usually does?


Deputy chief constable I B McLiar. said...

All our staff are trained to feign surprise when asked if they have been low key.

Anonymous said...

Always suspicious when comments are closed on articles like these.

Andy said...

I wonder if a senior Policeman has ever been naughty and that somebody has whispered in his ear.

JuliaM said...

"Always suspicious when comments are closed on articles like these."

Not necessarily, if it's a potential criminal case. Perhaps the 'Echo' isn't as quick to kick the can down the road?